Introducing Metris Installer Suite: Transforming solar projects from design to delivery

By: Natasha Jones


We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Metris Installer Suite, a solution designed to transform the way installers propose, finance and manage commercial solar projects. 

We’ve been busy helping the commercial real estate sector deploy solar across large portfolios and whilst doing so we’ve learned that installers are spending lots of resources on project proposals, PPA quoting & negotiation, and project updates. So we put our heads downs to figure out how we could simplify installer workflows to help scale solar adoption.

Why Metris Installer Suite?

Commercial solar has never been more attractive in the UK thanks to the confluence of high, volatile energy prices, slashed solar PV prices and the rise of ambitious corporate ESG targets.

Over the last few months, we’ve spoken to dozens of commercial installers in the UK who struggle with:

  • Inefficient sales process: Over 80% of project proposals go nowhere, draining valuable design team time, with a further resource drain for PPA quoting & negotiation.

  • Huge portfolios: Each proposal can take over an hour to generate, making these analyses unfeasible to run at the portfolio level.

  • Dated customer experience: Additional data, design iterations and project updates are all shared over email. These dated, paper-based processes delay projects and hinder customer experience.

Metris Installer Suite enables teams to assess the solar potential of a property in seconds, using AI-powered panel designs, and helps sales teams build strong customer relationships by collaborating on flexible solar proposals and sharing PPA quotes side-by-side. Through the Metris platform, we enable installers to deliver unique energy consumption insights and empower their clients to choose the right financing option for their business.

Here’s a quick look into some of the tool’s key features: 

Assess: Instant designs and property assessments, powered by AI

Instantly create detailed property assessments & accurate panel designs using the highest resolution satellite, irradiance and ordinance survey data available in the UK.

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Propose: Flexible, collaborative, solar proposals

Send each customer their own assessment portal to input consumption data, test different system sizes, and evaluate financing options. We integrate your models so all forecasts match the needs of your customers, funders, and compliance obligations, without any spreadsheets.

Finance: Demystify solar funding for your clients 

Offer your customers financing options from our partners, or onboard your own financing solutions. We can integrate pricing models, system designs, auto credit checks, and instant smart meter data. Calculate PPA prices and offer PPA terms in seconds. Share financing offers directly with prospects and let them compare long term energy savings under different scenarios.

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Monitor: Manage asset performance and generate engaging reports

Monitor the performance of all of your customers meters and assets in real-time and receive instant fault alerts. Aggregate performance metrics across sites, customers, and funds. Create automated reports to share with customers, or white label the platform and allow them to login directly.

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Metris Installer Suite is empowering installers to accelerate sales pipeline. If you’re an installer looking to increase your sales’ team productivity, deliver unique energy insights, and build strong customer relationships, get in contact today: